Class FileSystemSource

    • Constructor Detail

      • FileSystemSource

        public FileSystemSource()
    • Method Detail

      • loadIfModified

        public LoadedResource loadIfModified​(FileSystemResourceId resourceId,
                                             SourceVersion version)
        Description copied from interface: Source
        Loads the contents of the resource if it was modified since the provided version.
        resourceId - the resource id which should be reloaded
        version - the last modified version prior which the resource shouldn't be loaded
        the loaded resource or null
      • isListenable

        public boolean isListenable()
        Description copied from interface: Source
        Describes whether you can subscribe for the changes on this resource.
        true if Source.subscribe(ResourceId, Runnable) call is supported, otherwise false
      • describe

        public java.lang.String describe()
        Description copied from interface: Source
        Returns description of the service in any format.